Authentication information and impersonation#


From any Python code, it is possible to retrieve information about the user or API key currently running this code.

This can be used:

  • From code running outside of Dataiku Govern, simply to retrieve details of the current API key

Furthermore, the API provides the ability, from a set of HTTP headers, to identify the user represented by these headers.

Code samples#

Getting your own login information#

auth_info = client.get_auth_info()

# auth_info is a dict which contains at least a "authIdentifier" field, which is the login for a user
print("User running this code is %s" % auth_info["authIdentifier"])

Impersonating another user#

As a Dataiku Govern administrator, it can be useful to be able to perform API calls on behalf of another user.

user = client.get_user("the_user_to_impersonate")
client_as_user = user.get_client_as()

# All calls done using `client_as_user` will appear as being performed by `the_user_to_impersonate` and will inherit
# its permissions

Reference documentation#


Returns various information about the user currently authenticated using this instance of the API client.