The API offers methods to:

  • Install plugins

  • Uninstall plugins and list their usages

  • Update plugins

  • Read and write plugin settings

  • Create and update plugin code envs

  • List macros that can be run

  • Run macros

Installing plugins#

From a Zip file#

with open("", "r") as f:

See install_plugin_from_archive() for more details.

From the Dataiku plugin store#

future = client.install_plugin_from_store("googlesheets")

See install_plugin_from_store() for more details.

From a Git repository#

future = client.install_plugin_from_git("")

See install_plugin_from_git() for more details.

Uninstalling plugins#

Listing usages of a plugin#

plugin = client.get_plugin('my-plugin-id')
usages = plugin.list_usages()

See list_usages() for more details.

Uninstalling a plugin#

plugin = client.get_plugin('my-plugin-id')
future = plugin.delete()

Plugin deletion fails if a usage is detected. It can be forced with force=True:

plugin = client.get_plugin('my-plugin-id')
future = plugin.delete(force=True)

See delete() for more details.

Managing code envs#

plugin = client.get_plugin("myplugin")

# Start creating the code env, and wait for it to be done
future = plugin.create_code_env()
result = future.wait_for_result()

# NB: If the plugin requires Python 3.6 for example, you will use something like:
# plugin.create_code_env(python_interpreter="PYTHON36")

# Now the code env is created, but we still need to configure the plugin to use it
settings = plugin.get_settings()

Handling settings#

plugin = client.get_plugin("myplugin")

# Obtain the current settings
settings = plugin.get_settings()
raw_settings = settings.get_raw()

# Modify the settings
# ...

# And save them back

Reference documentation#

dataikuapi.dss.plugin.DSSPlugin(client, ...)

A plugin on the DSS instance.


The settings of a plugin.


A parameter set in a plugin.


Information on a usage of an element of a plugin.


Information on a type not found while analyzing usages of a plugin.


Information on the usages of a plugin.

dataikuapi.dss.macro.DSSMacro(client, ...[, ...])

A macro on the DSS instance.