Data Collections#

You can interact with the Data Collections through the API.

Basic operations#

Listing Data Collections#

data_collections = client.list_data_collections(as_type="objects")
# Returns a list of DSSDataCollection

for data_collection in data_collections:
        settings = data_collection.get_settings()

        # Access to main information in the Data Collection
        print("Data Collection id: %s" %
        print("Display name: %s" % settings.display_name)
        print("Description: %s" % settings.description)
        print("Color: %s" % settings.color)
        print("Tags: %s" % settings.tags)
        print("Permissions: %s" % settings.permissions)

        # You can also list the objects in a Data Collection
        print("Content: %s" % data_collection.list_objects(as_type='dict'))

Modifying Data Collection#

data_collection = client.get_data_collection("someDcId")
settings = data_collection.get_settings()
settings.display_name = "new name"
settings.permissions = [*settings.permissions, DSSDataCollectionPermissionItem.reader_user("LOGIN"), DSSDataCollectionPermissionItem.contributor_group("GROUP")]

Creating a Data Collection#

data_collection = client.create_data_collection("The name of the collection", description="Description *markdown is allowed*")
# returns a DSSDataCollection that can be used for adding objects

Deleting a Data Collection#

data_collection = client.get_data_collection("someDcId")

Adding and deleting the objects in a Data Collection#

data_collection = client.get_data_collection("someDcId")
data_collection_objects = data_collection.list_objects()

# remove all contained objects
for data_collection_object in data_collection_objects:

# add a dataset

Reference documentation#


A handle to interact with a Data Collection on the DSS instance.


An item in a list of Data Collections.


A handle on the settings of a Data Collection



A handle on an object inside a Data Collection