Download from a Dataiku DSS Webapp#

When building a webapp in Dataiku DSS, you may want to allow users to download a file from a managed folder. Here are steps to build an HTML button, which will allow webapp users to download files stored in a managed folder.

Basic Download#

Here’s how you can download a file from a managed folder by clicking on a button in a webapp.

In the Python part of the webapp, define an endpoint like:

import dataiku
from flask import request
from flask import send_file
import io
def first_call():
    filename = request.args.get('filename')
    stream = dataiku.Folder('FOLDER_ID').get_download_stream(filename)
    with stream:
        return send_file(

Then in the Javascript section, you’d need a function like: = function(){
    window.location.href = getWebAppBackendUrl('/downloadFile?filename=test.txt');

Finally, in the HTML you can add a button to trigger that JS function:

<button onclick="download()">Download</button>

What’s Next?#

To learn more about webapps in Dataiku DSS, visit the documentation.