Project folders#

You can interact with project folders through the API.

Basic operations#

The ROOT project folder can be retrieved with the get_root_project_folder() method.

root_folder = client.get_root_project_folder()

Alternatively any project folder can be retrieved with its ID with the get_project_folder() method.

prj_folder = client.get_project_folder(prj_folder_id)

Getting basic attributes:

# Getting the id of a project folder (for "get_project_folder")
id =

# Getting the name of a project folder:
name =

# Getting the "virtual path" of a project folder (NB: for information purpose only, does not hold special significance)
path = prj_folder.get_path()

Finding the folder of a project#

From a project, you can find its project folder

project = client.get_project("MYPROJECT")
folder = project.get_project_folder()
print("Project is in folder %s (path %s)" % (, folder.get_path()))

Creating entities#

To create a child project folder, use the create_sub_folder() method.

# Creating a new project folder
newborn_child = prj_folder.create_sub_folder(project_folder_name)

# Creating a project directly into a project folder
new_project = prj_folder.create_project(project_key, project_name, owner)

Moving entities#

To move a project folder to another location (into another project folder), use the move_to() method.


prj_folder.move_project_to(project_key, new_parent)

You can also move a project directly


Managing project folders#

Deleting a project folder#


Modifying settings#

pf_settings = prj_folder.get_settings()
pf_permissions = pf_settings.get_permissions()

Reference documentation#


A handle for a project folder on the DSS instance.


A handle for a project folder settings.