Govern Uploaded Files#

Users can upload files to artifacts.

Download an uploaded file#

import dataikuapi

host = "http(s)://GOVERN_HOST:GOVERN_PORT"
apiKey = "Your API key secret"
client = dataikuapi.GovernClient(host, apiKey)

# retrieve a specific artifact of type govern project by its ID
artifact = client.get_artifact('ar.1773')

# get the first uploaded file stored in the related_docs field
uf = client.get_uploaded_file(artifact.get_definition().get_raw()['fields']['related_docs'][0])

# get the file description
f_desc = uf.get_description()

# retrieve the file as a stream
f_stream =

Reference API doc#


A handle to interact with an uploaded file Do not create this directly, use get_uploaded_file()